Welcome to LightStyle Photography

Welcome friends! I am so glad you found my site and I hope you have found it useful. I will be using this blog section as a way to share previous portrait sessions and also helpful tips and hints on how to get the best photo for your investment.

However this first post is going to share a little bit about me and how I work, what my passions are and how I make your photos unique.

You make the memories; I make them last!

Memories… so often we are caught up in the moment, certain that we will never forget this exact second. Our babies first steps, the look on his face when your husband proposes, your childhood pup and his favorite ball, the way your oldest child beamed with pride when he graduated from high school – all of these are memories that we hope to look back on forever. We can’t imagine these memories fading. But the truth is as we age so do our memories. When those memories fade so does the joy and emotion that was in that moment. My goal is that you never have to grasp for faded memories again, but that you have them forever preserved in a work of art.

I believe that the best smiles are the real ones, the best moments are the natural ones and the best memories are those preserved. To document all the details of your favorite memories I carefully compose my images using color, texture, lines, and natural light. I believe I set myself apart by seeking out your unique personality and style, then shining beautiful natural light on it. Sometimes it takes a little digging but the end result is absolutely worth it. 

Why choose me?

  1. Customizable: Budget Friendly – A La Carte Pricing
  2. Coaching: I can provide advice on clothing, posing, hair and make-up. Shoots are meant to be fun and I enjoy making my clients feel comfortable and at ease. If you arrive to a session prepared you will feel much more relaxed. Go ahead ask me anything. I am here to help.
  3. Flexible Locations: In home or local area venues. I frequently travel to North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.
  4. Flexible Hours: I strive to shoot during the time natural light is the best which is sunrise and sunset, however I also understand that schedules are hectic and sometimes require compromise. Weekends will book out first.

Subjects of Interest

Motherhood, Family & Children


Professional Headshots


About me

I am a natural light lifestyle photographer specializing in family, motherhood, maternity, pets, graduation, high school senior, tween, teen, engagement, proposal, in-home or on location portraits. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina but currently reside in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Locations I frequent are: Newport Kentucky, Covington Kentucky, Fort Thomas Kentucky, Cincinnati Ohio, Fort Mitchell Kentucky, Florence Kentucky, Hyde Park Ohio, Madeira Ohio, Loveland Ohio, Norwood Ohio, Oakley Ohio, Hickory North Carolina, Charlotte North Carolina, Conover North Carolina, Raleigh North Carolina, & Charleston South Carolina.

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